Biography Bastien

We must confess, Romania is not exactly the country from which the typical pop star comes. But Bastien is anything but a typical pop star. The 22-year-old Romanian prefers to do his own thing. “When you’re  very young, you want to be like everyone else ” he says. “But when I entered college, I began to wonder what I really wanted – and I decided to fight for what I believed in.” He really did fight. But first things first.

Bastien had a passion for music from an early age. “As a child I used to give ‘concerts’ every time someone came into our house,” he says. “It didn’t matter whether  if they were relatives or even the postman. I asked them inside, pressed play on the tape recorder and started singing.” Bastien learned to play the guitar, took singing and dancing lessons and later began to write his own songs. “The problem with singing lessons was, that I always wanted to sing songs differently from the original. But nobody understood that. Later, when I started working on my own songs with some Romanian mainstream producers, I had the same problem. I showed them what kind of music I would like to do, but they didn’t think it could be successful in Romania.”

Bastien decided to ignore all the well-intentioned advices and make the music he had in mind. Parallel to his studies of technical cybernetics in Bucharest, he began to put his thoughts about life and the world into songs. Pop, Neo-Soul, RnB, Singer/Songwriter and Electronica come together in his modern and hymn-like, sensual and yet groovy songs, some of which remind of colleagues like James Arthur, Kwabs or James Blake.

Bastien often finds inspiration in his travels – to Paris when he visits his label, or to Berlin, where he makes his studio recordings so far. “I want to travel more in the future,” he says. “I’d like to spend a little more time in London. “I love to soak up ideas in other places and then turn them into songs at home.” He has set up a small home studio where he is currently working on the songs for his debut album and where his first single “Stay With Me” was created. The tracks are produced by Stefan Merz from Frank & Friedrich. With the Berlin electro duo, Bastien recorded the song “Higher” in winter 2018, which has long since broken the million mark on Spotify.

“I’m still at the beginning of my career,” Bastien says. “But I know which way I want to go. I want to sing about the things that move me and find my own sound. Maybe I can inspire people at home that it’s okay to be different and do their thing.” At the end of the day, Bastien makes his music for himself. “Music just does something to me,” he says. “It`s helping me through a bad day. It triggers something in me and makes me happy. When I sing I forget everything around me.“