All The Queen's Horses - Jocelyn

Jocelyn -an Irish story

21 May 2021

The only winner from Ireland at this year's International Songwriter Competition ISC is "Jocelyn". The song is culturally influenced by irish folk and set in a modern alt singer & songwriter context. It`s a recognition for the long standing history in immigration of the Irish people.

Life is a circle

14 May 2021

The Video is created and directed by Merrick Angle.

New Wolves - Draw another Circle

""Draw Another Circle" is a dreamy walk …"

14 May 2021

… along familiar roads and paths, that lead into each other. "Written in the autumn of 2020, when the world had shrunk to a few alleys and empty streets in my part of town, I felt simultaneously comforted and lost. Draw Another Circle was made in that time and place."

Everyone has to carry their own baggage in life

26 March 2021

and it is not something that you can let go of, no matter what you do. It follows a protagonist and heroine and the breakdown in mechanics of their relationship.

All The Queen's Horses - Raised by Wolves : The Ides of March

All The Queen's Horses release Debut 2-Track Single “RAISED BY WOLVES” &“THE IDES OF MARCH”

26 March 2021

The first is powerful,sparsely and modern instrumented between folktronica and minimal cinematic rock.
The second an anintensely sad and touching ballad.

Reuben Hester - Sold my Soul

"Words can't explain the emotions I feel every time I perform this song"

19 March 2021

Reuben Hester`s debut single "Sold My Soul" is a thoughtful but highly powerful pop song with influences from breakbeat, garage and r`n`b and a huge hymnic chart-breaker chorus.

Official music video by Reuben Hester performing "Sold My Soul"

19 March 2021

Reuben wrote this song in memory of his father Kevin, who passed away last year following a drug overdose, at the age of 55.
Video directed by Si Ronconi

Coqui - Fall in Love

Happy Release Day Coquí !!!

05 March 2021

Los Angeles singer songwriter, releases today heartwarming, quirky "earworm" love tune "Fall In Love". A love letter from the honest heart!

A love letter written from the honest heart

05 March 2021

The self-made video is a collaboration with his girlfriend, who also drew and animated the characters. It is a declaration of love for their love and precious moments together. "Fall In Love" is a love letter written from the honest heart, drawing musical influence from the early 90’s cartoon Rugrats and Sgt. Pepper era Beatles.

All The Queens Horses - Semi-Finalist International Songwriting Competition

Congratulations to All The Queen's Horses

25 February 2021

Congratulations to the just announced 3x nominated SEMI-FINALIST for Performance and Songwriting All The Queen's Horses at the International Songwriting Competition ! Your intense songwriting and performance is just mind blowing! ??? Release Date March 26!

Moonlight Breakfast - Stop

STOP "and breathe"

04 December 2020

While waiting for the next album to come soon, Moonlight Breakfast drops an energetic-dance, Moog infected edit of STOP. Such a great reminder to stop and breathe in our hectic everyday life. The lyrics might say that, but the beat tells a different story. Stop. Breathe. But then the beat comes in and you just can't stop moving.

New Wolves - Influencer

INFLUENCER "show us light, show us flame"

03 December 2020

INFLUENCER is a song that lived and grown with us like a pet Wolf raised from childhood. From the demo that Tom Ravenscroft (BBC6) played twice on his show, calling NEW WOLVES his 'favourite new band' to the self released single which gained widespread acclaim from the music blogs and radio, to the current label release in a fresh revised version and a futuristic edit.


03 December 2020

The video is a cooperation of Amier Firdaus and New Wolves. Amier uses vintage imagery to give it a distinct look and is very inventive when it comes to animating. The images of early 20th-century influencers like for example showgirls and politicians, interact with the lyrics and the surreal central figure of the bird/man who carries you through the clip.


01 December 2020

The track was written by the duo and produced by George aka Bazooka, while the music video was directed and produced by Christie, which makes this an even more immersive experience into the Moonlight Breakfast universe.


12 November 2020

Beesqueeze are on a quite bizarre safari hunt. As a result of countless hours of watching their prey, Beesqueeze bring an explosive, action-packed video to their new single "It Won`t Matter". Aims were taken and pumpkins smashed.

Beesqueeze - It Wont Matter


12 November 2020

is that hovering feeling when you’re slightly uncertain but you still wanna go for it. In the end you have to tell yourself: Keep going and blow up the thoughts in your head! Be spontaneous! Take it with a sense of humor! Not all your decisions will be right. "It Won't Matter, Beesqueeze's new single, is a catchy and forward going synth-rock song with 80s influences and satirical but also melancholic undertones.

New Wolves - new act


09 November 2020

After discovering the outstanding Welsh band New Wolves on the music platform SubmitHub , we are very happy to announce that we just signed a record deal with them. Their next single will be released in December 2020 distributed by The Orchard . More to come 2021, so stay tuned!


07 November 2020


Beesqueeze: I DON`T KNOW!

"It Won`t Matter" out November 12th.

The Brainwasher Playlist

study music : THE BRAINWASHER

12 October 2020


Never listen to this playlist 🔥 "It's nothing like I thought it'd be, It's not how I imagined. It's interesting but not enough, To justify the action. It's left me feeling kinda weak, It's bleak, anticlimactic." (Best Frenz)

listen on
Songs For Lovers Playlist


11 October 2020


This is all about feelings. The good and the bad. The joyfull and longing, the tragic, evil, trivial, euphoric and depressed. Where DM embraces 21 Pilots. Leonard Cohen - Woodkid, F. Ocean - Queen and Antony embraces all.

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